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Introducing The 7 Best Pressure Washers – Updated February 2020

Here is our new, updated guide to the 7 best high pressure cleaners for 2020. 36 high pressure cleaners have been re-tested in the last six weeks, our notes have been updated on the website and the rating criteria have been revised.

Exciting changes have been made:

  • 4 new pressure washer in the top list
  • News and best pictures are included, so you can see the pressure washers more carefully.
  • Take a look at the new grey update fields and pink warning fields to quickly find out why each pressure washer is on the list, and see if your best pressure washer is on sale today.
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Choose By Cleaning Power

The Best Small and Portable Light-duty Pressure Washer

Wash your cars, patio furniture, lawn equipment and small concrete areas.

The Best Medium-duty Pressure Cleaner For Most People

Wash all light-duty jobs plus your oily garage floor, driveway and deck.

Best Heavy-duty Power Washer On The Market

Pressure wash everything light and medium-duty can, but faster and better.

Compare Gas and Electric Power

For around your home the most affordable gas and most expensive electric pressure cleaner match up at around $250. Here are the pros and cons of each pressure washer style

Buying Guide for the Best Gas Pressure Washer

Pros: Way more power. More portable as not tethered by electricity needs. More durable as made with more solid components.
Cons: More expensive (but you get more power). More maintenance. More noise. Fumes. Heavier and bigger in size.

Price: $250 to $750 Read More

The best guide for buying electric pressure washers you will ever find.

Pros: More affordable. Quieter. Can use indoors safe because no fumes. Less maintenance.
Cons: Less power. Less portable because require the cord plugged in to electric outlet. Annoyance of that cord dragging around. Less durable often plastic components.

Price: $75 to $250 Read More

Trusted Pressure Cleaner Brands

Do you have experience dealing with an awesome power tool brand? Do you trust a certain power equipment brand more than the rest because of past experiences? Have you heard consistent positive reviews from friends and in forums online about a certain top performer?

Sun Joe is a brand of high pressure electric cleaners founded in 2004 in New Jersey. Sun Joe offers 4 models: 1 light and 3 medium. Their division 2030 PSI is a bestseller.

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Greenworks is a company that only offers electrical equipment. It is known for its good value for money.

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Simpson Cleaning – Offers excellent value for money and popular gas pressure cleaners. Simpson Cleaning currently produces DeWalt cleaners and several Briggs & Stratton cleaners.

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DeWalt is known for its range of power tools. They offer units with Honda engine.

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