Best Heavy-duty Power Washer On The Market

High-performance cleaners provide higher productivity than medium and lightweight cleaners. In fact, they have a higher PSI (2800+) and GPM. They can quickly clean large tracks and flat surfaces such as tennis courts. However, with the right nozzle and technology, they can clean surfaces without damaging them. They all run on gasoline and cost at least $370.

A few weeks ago, I drove past a construction site and noticed that they were using gasoline pressure washer to remove yellow lines from the parking lot they were building.

I have a website about washing machines, so naturally I stopped to chat.

It turned out that the yellow lines they put too far apart and had to rent a $80/day pressure washer plus the cost of gas. I saw the yellow paint peeling off the surface when they washed it off with pressure. Yes, they applied strip paint, but I was surprised how easy it was.

Such a big washing machine may be too big for your home, but there’s no doubt it will make any cleaning faster and easier.

Even the least powerful heavy duty have two and three times the cleaning capacity of pressure washers for medium and light duty applications.

Contractors buy them because they are made of strong, industrial parts. If you’re one of those who buys the best because you think it’s a long-term investment, choose high-performance equipment.

Quick Look: Best Heavy-duty Options

Before we show you what a solid model can do, take a look at the two best models available on the market to meet most people’s needs:

Picture Model Power (PSI x GPM)
Simpson PowerShot 8.960
Generac SpeedWash 8,640

Here’s what you can do with your new pressure washer.

A heavy duty can do light and medium work more often and faster. This is possible because the parts are designed for durability.

Use the correct spray nozzle and adjust the spray distance so that the ideal force for the surface to be cleaned is maintained so that it is not damaged (wood: less force, accumulated sludge on steel: more force).

A heavy machine for private use can be safely used up to 20 hours per week. If you plan to start a pressure washer business and use it more than 30 hours a week, you will want to switch to commercial use.

Here are 4 common applications:

1.) Heavy machinery
The large, powerful high-pressure cleaner is ideal if you have given way to mud on hard steel surfaces. If you have heavy equipment on the farm or on a construction site, no problem.

But, as mentioned above, if you plan to move daily from pressure washing to commercial washing, you can also use pressure washing.

That’s what pressure washers do with a contract to wash trucks. Some major road carriers and other businesses may have hundreds of trucks that need to be washed regularly. And many prefer to hire contractors to do the work, rather than hiring them from the inside.

2.) Vertical walls
Walls made of brick, concrete or other large flat surfaces are ideal for high-performance scrubbers. The picture above shows the partition of a park, which took just over an hour to clean. The lightweight cleaner takes 2-3 hours to clean at a lower GPM.

3.) Athletic fields such as tennis and basketball courts
Surface cleaner connected to a large electric washing machine is the best way to clean tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, large parking lots and other large flat surfaces.

4.) Entrances to buildings and large concrete surfaces
Clean entrance stairs and courtyards of buildings easily and efficiently. Light or medium work can do the job, but it will take longer and you will be annoyed if you have to go back and redo the site.

Features That Matter

Each version of the tool marking will have slightly different characteristics. These are the ones that are important:


  • Heavy Steel Truck – Heavy truck needs a stronger chassis as it has a heavier and larger engine and pump. Otherwise it would bend and deform quickly. This sturdy chassis also allows moving on the construction site.
  • Tyres on the construction site – To support a large engine and pump, power tools must have large tyres. Otherwise, it would be difficult to move on rough terrain.
  • Commercial series engine – Although there are high performance washing machines with private motors and high power, most of the high performance machines we recommend are equipped with commercial engines. This is due to the fact that the commercial engine in the pressure washer has a larger fuel tank and more durable components.
  • Longer Durability Pump – The difference in durability between an axial cam pump and a three-plunger piston pump is striking. Not all heavy duty units are equipped with crank driven three-plunger pistons, but the best of them.

Picking The Best Heavy-Duty Pressure Cleaner On The Market

Honda Powered – Best Value for the Money
1.) Simpson PowerShot 3,200 PSI 2.8 GPM Simpson PS3228-S Powershot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM. It is powered by the famous Honda GX200 petrol engine. It has huge cleaning power and is produced by Simpson – DeWalt brand trusts the design of its machines.See the big tires and the heavy steel trolley? Yes, they make this machine ready to use, very strong and easy to transport from place to place.

If you plan to use this machine at home, you should know that there is no such thing as too much heavy work.

View Specs Here

A Worthy Alternative With Adjustable Pressure Settings
2.) Generac 7122 SpeedWash 3,200 PSIThe main advantage of the new 7122 SpeedWash 3200 PSI 2.7 GPM generator is the ability to set the pressure up to 2000 PSI by turning the handle next to the trigger of the gun. A total of 4 pressure settings are available to ease the transition from one job to another.It is equipped with a specially designed Generac 196cc OHV engine. And it comes with all the accessories (turbocharger, soapy water and brush) to make the job faster.

At Amazon, more than 100 customers appreciated the software after purchasing it and using it for some time. Personally, I would go after the above mentioned Simpson (Honda engine), but if you like Generac or if you really want adjustable pressure, check all the details here :

View Specs Here


  1. Here’s the PS3228 Simpson pressure washer details page used to research the specs and warranty of the unit.
  2. The Generac 7122 SpeedWash unit product page was helpful and includes the product manual, spec sheet and warranty details.

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