The Best DeWalt Power Washer

You want to know how to make a lot of money if it’s not enough?

It’s easy: Get a license to use your trademark. Then just collect the fees.

This is exactly what DeWalt, Stanley Black & Decker brand owners do in the pressure washing industry (note: who owns which brands of tools are listed in this table).

They license the DeWalt brand to Simpson Cleaning and collect part of the revenue from the pressure washing industry. For clarity, Simpson basically made his own pressure washer and put a DeWalt sticker on it. This is called “rebooting” and is very common in all industries.

How does it work?

First, DeWalt analysts are looking for the best pressure washer manufacturers. They do it to identify those who deserve a DeWalt sticker. DeWalt is synonymous with strength, performance and job-site quality. Therefore, the manufacturer must maintain the quality of this brand in order to retain the rights to the DeWalt label and what it means.

The two companies then enter into an agreement and the licensee (Simpson) starts work.

This is exactly what Simpson Cleaning, a manufacturer of high pressure cleaners, has done to increase its profits. It was licensed in the name of DeWalt.

Here you can find more information on how it works:

  • Simpson manufactures pressure washers with DeWalt nameplate at its Decatur, Arkansas plant. They also manufacture their Simpson brand cleaning products and Briggs & Stratton industrial cleaning products on the same assembly line.
  • Pressure washers are then sold under the DeWalt brand name at Home Depot, etc., and this benefits both companies.

Louisville Ladder, Inc. did the same and now has an exclusive line of DeWalt ladders, which are bestsellers. HeatStar, a company specializing in portable heaters, uses the name DeWalt, selling more portable heaters at a higher price.

And countless other companies in countless industries do the same. It’s no secret that this is a common thing, but they don’t scream from the roofs either.

So why am I telling you this?

Because a DeWalt sticker is expensive. Yes, Simpson can sell more units in partnership with DeWalt, but the real benefit is that you get more charge.

Here’s a comparison of the same Simpson and DeWalt computers:

  • 3,200 PSI and 2.8 GPM simultaneously
  • Both are equipped with the Honda GX200 engine.
  • Both have three-plunger pumps (DeWalt has a CAT pump and Simpson has its own brand AAA pump).
  • DeWalt has an additional part of the frame, which is bolted to the motor.
  • DeWalt costs $300 more than the EIA.

I’ll leave a link to the Simpson washing machine page here.

But while we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at the DeWalt pressure washer:

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Best DeWalt Pressure Washer

Craftsman 2,800 PSI 2.3 GPM With Honda Engine

DeWalt offers 6 high pressure cleaners:

  • 2 working gas-fired belt-driven hot water units
  • 1 electric cold water block
  • 1 belt drive cold water gas installation
  • 2 cold gas installations with direct drive.

This is one of their direct drive cold gas units. And, given its very reasonable price, it is the one that best meets the needs of most people.

It is equipped with a CAT triplex piston pump, the best pressure cleaning pump for a long life, even under severe operating conditions.

It is equipped with the Honda GX200 commercial engine. It goes without saying that the Honda is a quality engine, and this is their commercial version for motorized equipment.

The recommended retail price for this unit is $1149, but recently it was estimated at -30% and amounted to $799.

See full specs here

Video of DeWalt Power Washer
Check out this video made by Home Depot of the model down 3,000 PSI DeWalt unit. Please note: The machine shown in the video is exactly the same just with a smaller engine and pump.

3 items for consideration

Noise Level – This pressure washer is equipped with a commercial Honda GX200. It’s about as loud as a blender or garbage can. You’re quiet enough to talk to your buddy while you wash, but you definitely need to raise your voice.

Price – DeWalt is very expensive, considering that one and the same unit (with three piston pumps of another brand) from Simpson is about $300 cheaper.

Maintenance – To keep your warranty valid, you must follow the maintenance schedule described in your user manual. The advantage of having a Honda engine is that there are many Honda service centers in the United States if you prefer someone to do the work for you.

See full specs here



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