The Best Greenworks and Powerworks Pressure Washer

The secret of Globe Tools – the inventor of GreenWorks and PowerWorks – is its commitment to research and development and quality control: 20% of its staff is dedicated to this task. Here we look at the best pressure washers produced by Globe Tools and sold under the GreenWorks and PowerWorks brands.

Greenworks Powerworks Pressure washer logo of Globe Tools Co.

Before going to the washing machines, let’s talk about: Why GreenWorks?

GreenWorks believes in zero emissions. That’s why they only sell electricity.

That’s the truth. Sometimes you need gas pressure washes because you need high performance at an affordable price.

And just to be clear: when it comes to heavy trucks, gas TONS is more affordable. The equivalent electric pressure washer is four times more expensive ($2,000 vs. $500 per gas).

So if you don’t need a big job, GreenWorks might be right for you. Here’s our promise:

The GreenWorks products you buy have ZERO HARMEROUSE SECURITY. Again, our entire product line will never release a single ounce of carbon into the air.

By the way, Globe Tools seems to be moving away from the PowerWorks brand and focusing on GreenWorks. Check out the best pressure washer they can offer:

Best GreenWorks Pressure Washer

GreenWorks GW1951 1,950 PSI 1.2 GPM Induction Motor Powered Pressure Washer

The best GreenWorks pressure washer is equipped with an asynchronous motor to drive the pump. The asynchronous motors are much less squeaky and have a longer service life than the universal motors used by most other electrical appliances in this price range.

This is a new version of Greenworks, which will be available for the first time on 15 April 2015. It comes with all the accessories you need to get started and is very available for the 1950 PSI that you will receive.

It comes with a contoured detergent reservoir, all necessary nozzle tips including a turbocharger and soap dispenser. GreenWorks is here!

See full specs here

Best PowerWorks Pressure Washer

PowerWorks 1,700 PSI 1.4 GPM

The best PowerWorks pressure washer is also equipped with an asynchronous motor. It is also much more affordable than the above mentioned GreenWorks machine.

For about $50 less (at the time of writing) you can get a little more cleaning power. So what’s the catch?

There is no catch. The GreenWorks model above is a newer version. They listened to comments and improved the spray gun from plastic to stainless steel/brass. They also added a nozzle bearing to the grip. Consider this PowerWorks pressure washer to be last year’s model for the deal.

See full specs here

Benefits of Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer

Can be used indoors – The advantage of electric washers under pressure is that they do not emit any vapours, so they can be used indoors. This is ideal if you plan to rinse the basement under pressure after a flood, or if you need to create a small space, such as creeping space.

No maintenance – All Greenworks machines are electric and have few moving parts compared to gas cleaners. No need to change spark plugs or oil, or worry about overwintering the engine (pump only).

Easy winter storage – The only thing you need to do when storing this machine in your garage during the winter months is use a pump storage device to protect the internal seals. It prevents them from freezing and prevents any minerals that may be present from being damaged when not in use.

See full specs here

If you’re wondering where I got all this information and where I got some of these numbers, don’t look further, I have sources. Some research and translations were required, but most of the information came from GreenWorks, Globe Tools and Electronics in China.

  1. The Electronics in China website detailed the ratio of employees at Globe Tools Co in the R & D and QC divisions. Here’s the link: Globe Tools Co on
  2. Some of the sales numbers, dates and history of Globe Tools Co was found on the official Globe Tools website’s History page. You’ll need to translate it from Chinese using a Chrome browser.
  3. And finally details of the actually pressure washers were researched on the pressure washer page and the PowerWorks page.

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