The Best Simpson Pressure Washer

The amazing fact about Simpson pressure washers is that they are 100% handmade and assembled during the first 16 years of production. Right, no pneumatic tools

It was only in 1985 that electric tools were introduced to help workers meet the growing demand for Simpson pressure washers. It was these 16 years of extraordinary attention to detail that created the Simpson quality control culture that continues today.

Today, Simpson Cleaning uses the latest technology to manufacture its machines on a 228,000 square foot (4 football fields) site in Decatur, Arkansas.

They have demonstrated such continued excellence that companies such as DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton rely on Simpson machines to produce their decals.

You should also know that Simpson specializes in gas machines and heavy duty cleaners. They really focus on this segment of the market, and so if you are looking for it.

4 Best Simpson Pressure Washers Side-by-side

Picture Model Cleaning Units (PSI vs GPM) Engine
Simpson MSH3125-S 7750 Honda GC190
Simpson MS60763-S 7200 Kohler RH265
Simpson PS3228-S 8960 Honda GX200
Simpson PS4240-H 16800 Honda GX390

Simpson Pressure Washers Reviewed

In the table above you can see the range of Simpson electric washing machines. But here’s the thing: 2 of the 4 in the table above really stand out.

We will consider 2 for you in detail. Here are 2 of the most cost effective pressure washers on the market:

Top Simpson Pressure Washer For Most People

Simpson MegaShot 3,100 PSI 2.5 GPM

The best thing for most people is MegaShot, working for Honda. One of the most affordable gas cleaners on the market, it offers reliability, performance and style.

The reason we call it “the best for most people” is because most people don’t need an industrial three-plunger pump or Honda engine like the PowerShot model below. Most of us just need a durable (and more affordable) Honda axial pump and a Honda home engine, similar to what this machine offers.

If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable option to make outdoor cleaning easier, then this is your best choice. Remember to check the price link below to see if this is a special offer.

See full specs here

Best Simpson Pressure Washer For High Performance Needs

Simpson PowerShot 3,200 PSI 2.8 GPM Pressure Washer

Simpson PowerShot pressure washers (this one) and MegaShot (the second one – 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM) are the best in their class.

These two machines would definitely be best in class if they were from another brand. But since it’s Simpson, the hard decision was that PowerShot had the best high performance and MegaShot (above) had the best overall value.

That’s why PowerShot works better:
Commercial engine – PowerShot is powered by a Honda GX200 engine with a 3.1 liter tank (about 2 hours of non-stop washing). The engine alone is sold for $359.

The MegaShot is powered by a Honda GCV190 domestic engine with a 0.91 liter tank (sold for $259).

So you have immediately justified the extra $100 you pay for the PowerShot device. But that’s not all:

Commercial Triplex Pump – PowerShot has a triplex pump, while MegaShot has an axial pump.

You can expect the triplex pump to last much longer than the axial pump – no competition.

And with a better motor and pump, the PowerShot has 16% more cleaning power and is more durable, reliable and efficient for pressure cleaning tasks.

See full specs here

3 Benefits of Simpson Cleaning Brand Power Washers

Trust DeWalt, Briggs & Stratton
Simpson licenses the DeWalt brand and sells some of its devices with a DeWalt sticker. They have been doing this since 2009 – here is a press release explaining the details. They do the same for Briggs & Stratton industrial washing machines.

Another reason to buy the Simpson. DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton have obtained a license for a vertical pressure washer EVERYONE. Any company would be lucky to have these stickers on their car. But they both chose Simpson.

Why did they choose Simpson? Because their team of researchers, technicians and engineers from the licensing and product development departments determined that Simpson met their quality standards. That’s very good.

Price-performance ratio.
Simpson is a well-known brand in the cleaning industry. But when it comes to sales in stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart, DeWalt becomes a much more reliable company. They are known for offering high quality products, and people are also willing to pay more.

Simpson devices with DeWalt logo are almost twice as expensive (than Simpson devices with their own logo). So, when you buy Simpson: Keep in mind that people will pay twice as much as you paid for the same device with fancy yellow brand and DeWalt sticker.

We will support you for a long time.
Simpson Cleaning was acquired by the FNA Group in 2006. The FNA Group is a world-class manufacturing company with high annual revenues in the 8-digit range. You can be sure that the Simpson brand will not go bankrupt and will not leave you with support issues.

Criteria for buying that you need to know
Greater engine = greater noise = greater fuel consumption

To get an idea of the noise level, watch this video about how to run Simpson PowerShot. Note that these two guys can still talk to each other on their knees next to each other:

Not for nothing the GX200 engine is equipped with a 3.1-liter fuel tank. It needs that fuel. After discussing with some artists who use the pressure washer with the GX200 engine, they agree that it will run for about 2-3 hours without interruption. That is at least 4-5 hours of pressure wash-out, as it is impossible to work continuously with the recoil of the spear and the force of the handle holding the trigger. You need to rest.

But you’ll still need a can of gasoline if you plan to wash all day.

Storage of gasoline.
It is recommended to store gasoline only from season to season. This means that for 3-4 months it is a question of how long you want to store it. Make sure you dispose of it safely. Here’s the manual from the American Petroleum Institute.

The washing machine is in sleep mode.
For all high pressure cleaners, certain steps must be taken before storage for 30 days or more. Particular attention should be paid to the storage of gas engines in winter. Using a fuel stabiliser or emptying the fuel tank and filling with new oil is mandatory. In addition, the water supply system must be drained to prevent water from expanding and cracking inside during cold weather. Read this wintering guide for detailed instructions.

Why Owning a Simpson Pressure Washer is Smart

Not only does Simpson sell high-quality cars at fair prices…. They also support you during your tenure.

With spare parts available throughout the country and a network of dealers that help you repair, Simpson Cleaning does it right.

Parts and accessories for Simpson high pressure cleaners are easy to find and use
Simpson pressure washer user manual
Click here to see all Simpson’s manuals.

Detailed user guide. Simpson Pressure Washer user manuals contain all the necessary information about your Simpson pressure washer, including safe use, proper storage, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Here is a complete list of Simpson online manuals. Be sure to read it before using your new toy.

Replacing OEM pumps. There are several pump options that you can purchase to replace the original if necessary. The Simpson parent company manufactures its own brand of AAA pumps. Typically, axial cam pumps are replaced, not repaired, and three-plunger pumps are repaired, not replaced.

Pump Rescue Pump. Storage of the pump is an important accessory that allows safe storage of the washing machine in cold climate and for a long time. You can buy it for about $10 in any electrical outlet. It fits inside the pump and prevents the seals from breaking down.

A set of O-rings. O-ring kits are available for hoses and rods. If you find that your Simpson washer is leaking, it is most likely a cracked O-ring. Refer to your owner’s manual to find the right type and size of O-ring.

Brass clutch. To connect a high pressure hose or garden hose to a pressure washer, you will need a coupling. For heavy machines, you will need a brass coupling. Simpson supplies them, but if you need a new one, it is available at most equipment stores and on the internet from spare parts dealers. Just do a Google search to find it.

Extension and replacement hoses. If you want to extend your hose by 15 meters or retrofit the original hose, you can choose from a variety of replacement and extension hoses. Simpson offers a wide range of hoses that vary in material, length, diameter and PSI capacity.

Hose Extension Hose. When cleaning second floor windows, a hose extension must be used to avoid the use of a ladder. Hose extensions are the safest option, and you can even purchase a gutter cleaning nozzle to easily clean the gutters from the ground.

Spray nozzles and tips. There are 7 nozzles to choose from, including standard red, yellow, green, white and black nozzles that are ready to use. You can also choose turbo/rotation nozzles and customizable/variable nozzles if you have

In a sense, Simpson Cleaning can offer powerful washing machines at low prices.

That’s why it still has one of three top sellers on Amazon – excellent value for money. With the Honda motor to power the washing machine, you can take it out of the garage and run it for the first time.

Remember to read customer reviews and check the current best prices on these links:



  1. I learned the starting fact about Simpson Pressure Cleaning’s originins in an industry magazine called Cleaner Times. Here’s the PDF the story about Simpson is on page 40: Cleaner Times PDF.
  2. Here’s an official Simpson video for the MegaShot NOT the PowerShot. It gives insight in to the design and style of the Simpson brand.


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