The best guide for buying electric pressure washers you will ever find.

When it comes to electric washers under pressure, there are only three things to solve:

  • The cleaning power you need.
  • Preferable brand
  • Your budget.

Today we will guide you through this choice, review the best and most reliable brands of high pressure electric cleaners and tell you about specific cleaning projects that you can perform with each individual cleaner.
And to save you time, the bottom of this page lists 3 main high pressure electric cleaners.

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Quick Look at the Best

Image Brand and Model Motor Type Cleaning Duty
AR Blue Clean 112S Universal Light
Greenworks 1501 Universal Light
Sun Joe SPX1000 Universal Light
AR Blue Clean 383 Universal Medium
***Most Popular***
Sun Joe SPX3001 Universal Medium
Karcher K3,K4,K5 Induction Medium
Pressure Pro Induction Commercial

Gas vs. Electric Powered

A power washer with a gasoline engine will do more work faster because it has more cleaning power. An electric machine can still do all the work, but it will take more time. Most people choose between gas and electricity depending on how often they need to wash under pressure. Every weekend? Gas is probably the best choice. Once a month or less? Electricity can be perfect.

What is cleaning energy?
Cleaning power is a GPM and PSI product and means that the machine has a higher water pressure to push more dirt and soot off the surface and a higher water flow rate per minute to remove this dirt and soot.

Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline
Since gas engines have their own power supply (gasoline), they are more portable as they do not require a nearby socket.

However, gasoline engines run louder, require refueling, cannot be used safely indoors and require more maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of electricity
Electric pressure washes are more affordable and can do most of the cleaning in your home:

  • your driveway and aft deck
  • Seasonal cleaning work such as gutters and patio furniture
  • And regular cleaning, like your lawn machines and equipment.

Only these works will take longer, because the electrical system has less energy to clean. But the electric device is quieter, requires almost no maintenance and costs only about $100-150 for personal use (gasoline costs about $275).

How do you decide?

Here are the basics:

  • Decide if you plan to do pressurized washing every weekend, because it will save you a lot of time.
  • Choose electricity if you want to do very small (like your car) and large jobs only once or twice a year on a regular basis.

10 Features To Look For In Electric Pressure Washers

1.) Is it equipped with additional nozzles? No doubt you need different nozzles to clean different surfaces under pressure without damaging them. Make sure you only buy a machine that is ready for use. The colour codes of the different nozzle tips are shown here:

2.) What’s his weight? Most units weigh between 15 and 35 pounds. Please note if the unit weighs 35 pounds but does not have wheels for easy maneuverability.

3.) Is the unit equipped with a detergent system? The detergent system is very convenient after the pump. This allows you to use chemicals to clean your car or driveway more effectively.

4.) Is there a plastic or brass hose connection for garden hose connection? The most common complaint is, of course, that the plastic hose connection to the washing machine always breaks down or leaks. Purchase the brass fittings separately if they are not in stock.

5.) Plastic or stainless steel pin? The stainless steel pin is more durable.

6.) How long are the hoses and cables? You will usually see 20 feet of hose and 30 feet of electrical cable. Be careful if the device comes with less.

7.) Does your device have a hose reel? It’s a matter of personal preference. Some people hate the hose reel because they think it bends the hose and is cumbersome. Others like it. It’s up to you – one half has it, the other half doesn’t.

8.) Wheels? Does your car weigh 35 pounds and have no wheels? Most cars over 20 pounds come with wheels anyway. You have to be careful.

9.) An onboard storage facility for jets? It’s not a requirement, but it’s nice.

10.) What kind of PSI/GPM do you need? When it comes to electricity, you are limited only by the price you are willing to pay for PSI/GPM. You can spend $2,000 on high power or $150 on medium power, and even less on low power.

Typical Warranty

Here is a list of brands that offer guarantees on their washing machines.

Please note that the limited warranty means that they are subject to major material and manufacturing defects that occur during the warranty period.

What does “defects in materials and workmanship” mean?

  • If you use a pressure washer according to the instructions and the pump or motor fails within one year, the pressure washer will be repaired or the entire unit will be replaced.
  • If any part of the structure, such as a handle or frame, breaks down, it will be repaired or replaced until you drop it from a height or crush it with your vehicle.

90 days
All companies protect conventional wear parts such as hoses, seals, o-rings, valves, fittings and nozzles from material and machining defects within 90 days.

One year limited warranty
Products such as the pump and motor are covered by a one-year limited warranty:

  • Karcher
  • AR Blue net
  • field of the Campbell house
  • Greenworks

Be sure to read the manual, as failure to follow the instructions in the user manual will invalidate the warranty.

2-year limited warranty (3 years when purchasing the extended warranty of $29.99).
Sun Joe is the only brand that offers a 2-year limited warranty right out of the box. Great peace of mind!

  • Sun Joe

They also offer one year in addition to a 2-year share for $29.99. An extension of the guarantee must be purchased within 90 days of purchase.

Small print warranty
If you choose to rent or use your pressure washer for industrial or commercial purposes (see user manual), the warranty is only valid for 90 days.

The Different Electric Pressure Cleaning Powers On Offer

Easy operation (up to 1700 PSI).

  • Ideal for small work at home
  • Accessible and easy
  • Limited capacity, therefore limited cleaning work.

Average capacity (1700 psi – 2800 psi)

  • Most popular for pressure washing in private homes
  • Ideal for front stairs, aft deck, patio furniture, vehicles, driveway, etc.
  • Great price, because they can be purchased for less than $150.

Durable (2800 PSI +)

  • When it comes to electricity, the price rises like a rocket as soon as you go above 2100 PSI and 1.8 GPM. So, heavy electrical equipment costs over $1,000.
  • If you are not a contractor or buyer for a warehouse or factory, it is probably best to buy a gas car when you need heavy equipment.
  • The main advantage of electricity is that you or your employees do not need to refill several times a day.
What’s The Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer You Can Buy?
The cleaning capacity of a high-pressure cleaner is defined as followsPower Unit Cleaning (CPU) = PSI x GPMThe normal average rent is : 1900 PSI x 1.7 GPM = 3.230 CUThe most powerful electric has 240,000 CU…

Look at this:

Now that thing is huge.

How much does it cost?

  • Well, first of all, you need to get a price offer.
  • Then, when you confirm the purchase with an order (contract), you need to wait a month until the manufacturer has prepared everything.
  • This will lead you to a number between 5 and 6, depending on the options and additional options.

The Best Most-trusted Brands

It’s not for nothing that Carcher is one of the oldest pressure washing companies in the world. She is constantly innovating and improving her products. They offer gas and electricity options. In the electrical sector he offers lightweight devices up to 5000 PSI and “super class” 5 GPM electrical devices. You have everything you need.

Look, here’s the best Carcher

AR Blue net
AR Blue Clean is a brand of high pressure cleaners developed by the famous Italian pumping company Annovi Reverberi. They offer electric units of medium and light power at an affordable price. They are very popular because they combine accessibility with durability and reliability, as their pumps are well designed and manufactured.

Click here for the best AR Blue Clean

Greenworks is a brand name for gardening equipment from Globe Tools Co. These tools are manufactured in China, with great emphasis on quality control on the assembly line. They exclusively offer electrical equipment ranging from lithium-ion battery lawnmowers to high-pressure electric cleaners.

See the best Greenworks here.

Sun Joe
Sun Joe is part of Snow Joe’s company, which started building a $100 snowplow. It offers 20 products in the lawn and garden sector.

Look at the best of Sun Joe here.

Ryobi is one of many brands owned by TTi group (they own Hoover, Dirt Devil, Milwaukee, Homelite). Ryobi offers gas and electric pressure cleaners for home use that are highly valued by people for their value for money.

Look at the best of Ryobi.

field of the Campbell house
Campbell Hausfeld is a large company owned by the famous Berkshire Hathaway. It offers all kinds of power tools and is especially known for its compressors. Their range of pressure washers includes 4x electric and 5x gas models.

Pressure-Pro is a relatively small company located in South Florida. It is very well known to American pressure washer manufacturers for its custom made skids and trailers. They stick to the professional market and run a private brand business to increase their profits. According to many contractors, they have unsurpassed quality.

Where To Buy Your Electric Pressure Washer?

When we talk about where to best buy your new pressure electric washer, it’s not just a matter of choice. For example, the table below shows that PressureWashersDirect is a better choice than The Home Depot.

However, we strongly recommend that you purchase from The Home Depot before contacting PressureWashersDirect for customer service and a simple return procedure.

Rating below the best places to buy an electric washing machine is based on :

  • Choice
  • Help Desk
  • Price (including frequency of transactions)
  • Proximity to the place of dispatch
  • Return policy and facilitation of return.

With the above points in mind, the 6 best options are listed below (in descending order):

Amazon is the best place to buy a pressure washer because they have the widest choice (they have all brands), the fastest delivery and almost always the best price. And you don’t even have to leave the house.

2. Home Depot.
Home Depot offers online shopping, but the choice is much less than on Amazon. If you need to touch and smell your washing machine before buying, The Home Depot is your best choice. They carry these brands of electric pressure washers: Karcher, Sun Joe, AR Blue Clean, Ryobi, Briggs & Stratton, Stanley, Greenworks, Campbell Hausfeld and many others.

3. Low Point
Lowes competes with The Home Depot for the second best shopping experience, but loses because he has fewer stores in general. Laws offers these brands: Greenworks, San Joe, AR Blue Clean and Karcher.

Online shop only for high-pressure cleaners, with a large selection and interesting prices. They come in 4th place although they have more choice than Home Depot or Lowes because they are only online and cannot offer such good prices/fast delivery as Amazon. That’s an interesting option.

5. Sears
Sears offers brands Karcher, Craftsman, Sun Joe, AR Blue Clean and Kranzle.

6. Costco (not included in the table above)
Costco does not compete with the other four because they do not even offer electric machines all year round. They usually have seasonal sales. These sales are often quite good, and that is the only reason why Costco is on this list.

The Best Electric Pressure Cleaner at Each Cleaning Power:

3 Affordable Light-duty Electric Options To Get You Started Pressure Washing

1.) AR Blue Clean AR112S – 1,500 PSI

This is one of the most affordable pressure electric washers on the market.

It is manufactured by AR North America and is characterized by its lightweight performance and affordable price. If you only clean your patio furniture and your car it is a good option.

You save water and time and avoid cleaning the surface of your home.

See full specs here

2.) Greenworks GPW1501 – 1,500 PSI

Greenworks light-duty is an excellent entry level machine for cleaning your home under pressure.

It will not effectively clean your lane, but it will speed up your car wash and make it more pleasant and less painful.

It has a soap dispenser. Next time you clean your car, just fill the soap bottle, plug the car in and pull the trigger. It’s easy to do.

See on Amazon here

3.) Sun Joe SPX1000 – 1,450 PSI

Sun Joe entered the high pressure cleaner market with a wide range of machines for home use.

They are popular for their value for money and are sold on Amazon and in supermarkets.

The brand is owned by Snow Joe, originally created to sell the most affordable electric snow plough, and now offers a wide range of outdoor tools and equipment.

Check Amazon price here

The 3 Best Medium-duty Electric Pressure Washer Options

1.) AR Blue Clean AR383 – Most Popular and Best Value

The general topic is the recommendation of this high-pressure cleaner. It has really struck most people who need an affordable but powerful enough household washing machine.

It’s easy to store and move. It is ideal for the most common jobs such as car washes, driveways, rear decks and terraces, forward walks and stairs.

The only area that many consider in need of improvement is the plastic garden hose fitting. If you decide to buy one, be sure to spend an extra $8 and get a brass garden hose quick connect set.

See current price here

2.) Sun Joe SPX3001

As you can see in the picture, this Sun Joe has a nozzle holder, hose reel and offers 2000 PSI.

But I’ll tell you what I’ve learned from my own experience: The hose reels on all these electrical appliances are more uncomfortable than convenient.

Why is that?

Because the hoses are too rigid to be twisted easily. I’m just saying that you don’t need a hose reel – wrapping the hose loose around a handle is usually more convenient.

See full specs here

3.) Karcher K3, K4 and K5 Series

Karcher’s probably the biggest name in pressure washing. They are the best-selling pressure washers in the world and are known for their industrial cleaning equipment.

They also own famous brands such as Hotsy, Shark and Landa. So you can rest assured that they know how to make durable and wear-resistant products.

When it comes to average performance, Karcher is a little more expensive. But you get as much for your money because they have a more durable pump and induction motor (K4, K5 series).

Check out the different models on Amazon here

High Performance – The Best Heavy-duty Electric For People Who Only Want The Best

1) Pressure-Pro 3,000 PSI 3 GPM Electric

For $2,000 you can buy a Pressure-Pro portable electric washer.

It is equipped with a three-position Annovi Reverberi pump (AR) and a 26 A induction motor. The machine weighs 235 pounds and its frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum.

This car is powerful – the javelin bounce is huge, so be careful the first time you use it.

See full specs on Amazon here



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